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 Well  - not ailing, infirm, or diseased;  healthy, healed
 Stasis - a condition of balance


We searched the world over...

as holistic researchers with over twenty years experience, examining literally thousands of natural products, formulas, supplements, devices, etc. to find the single most beneficial elements for human and animal health and wellness

Was it possible?  Would Nature provide such an item, one that was, not only markedly superior in terms of health benefits, but also multi-faceted in terms of: (1) effectively detoxifying the body, all its cells tissues and organs, (2) helping to eliminate harmful, pathogenic microorganisms and (3) helping the body restore itself to homeostasis (natural balance and wellness)?

Out of the thousands, the careful the search distilled down to three remarkable formulas that have fulfilled this vision.  It is fitting that Nature would show us it would have to do with water...and what we put in it...

Also available:  the Salt/C Plus Protocol for Lyme Infection

Adya Clarity


Dr. Miller's Holy Tea

Stabilized Oxygen


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